Teaching History with Children’s Literature: Look What Came From Egypt


Miles Harvey’s Look What Came From Egypt explains in detail with photographs and captions the numerous art, food, and styles we use in today’s society that originated in Egypt. The book is broken up into separate sections including inventions, fashion, food, toys and games, animals and musical instruments. Each section contains explanations for why the Egyptians started using a particular item and normally an ancient picture of the item or idea is shown. The book is written very simply for kids of all ages and connects students across time and space to show they are not unlike kids from other countries. Harvey explains how some food has been passed down from generations and across the seas, “People have been eating pancakes for about 4,600 years. The first cooks to make this delicious meal lived in ancient Egypt.” Each description is straightforward, yet engaging and interesting.

The book uses photographs of paintings, objects, and food to depict all the toys, games, instrument, food and other things that the Egyptians originally invented or developed. Captions accompany the pictures to make recognition easier as well. The photographs are easy to see and make the book seem more appealing and vivid. Harvey makes sure the reader feels transported to ancient Egypt while reading about these styles and inventions.

Curriculum Connections
Look What Came From Egypt
explains all the different styles and inventions that survived through ancient Egypt and are now used around the world in present day. This book can be used to learn about Egypt, that some things change over time, and how countries influence each other. In Virginia, this corresponds to SOLs K.2, 2.1, and 2.4.

Additional Resources

  • Ancient Egypt is a series of responses by various teachers about the different lessons they taught on the subject; includes activities such as stuffing mummies, mummifying apples, and making mini books on Egypt.
  • Country of the Week-Egypt includes a 10 day lesson on Egypt including map, anthem and national symbol activities. Includes information of how to make lapbooks and different ways to experience the ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Ancient Egypt for Children includes cross cultural activities in order to integrate Egypt into all lessons. Includes information from preschool to grade 6 and includes math, social studies and science activities.

Book: Look What Came From Egypt
Miles Harvey
Publisher: Franklin Watts
Publication Date:
32 pages

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