Teaching Earth Science with Children's Literature: Our Stars

Anne Rockwell does an excellent job of walking the reader through the eyes of the little boy that is star gazing.  The book is very informative; and a quick and easy read that will assist children in their quest for knowledge regarding the Earth's solar system.  The illustrations are nice and very well put together.

Our Stars is the story of a young boy who describes the size and features of the Earth's solar system in detail.  The boy walks the reader through the solar system and explains the different plants and stars that make up the system.  "Constellations can tell us many things. When we see Orion the Hunter in the sky, we know it is the season to harvest what we planted (6)."  The book covers the large topics and goes into detail with certain subjects.  "A star is made of fiery gas. It gives off brilliant light (3)."  Our Stars introduces the young reader to different scientific terms such as meteors, satellites, orbit, and constellations.  The book is a great learning tool for students being introduced to the solar system.

Connecting the Curriculum
The student will learn the about the significance and uniqueness of the solar system.  Our Stars makes learning scientific terms and theories fun.  This book is a perfect tool for instruction when attempting to teach Science SOL 1.6.

Additional Activities

  • Try making a planet.
  • Try a movie for more visual aid.

Book: Our Stars
Author: Anne Rockwell
Illustrator: Adrienne Kennaway
Publisher: Voyager Books
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 24 pages
Grades: PreK-1
ISBN: 0340486988

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