First Grade Money


SOL 1.7 The student will:

a.) Identify the number of pennies equivalent to a nickel, a dime and a quarter ; and

b.) Determine the value of a collection of pennies, nickels, and dimes whose total value is 100 cents or less.

Recommended Books

Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells is a wonderful book that teaches children just how fast money can be spent. It’s grandma’s birthday, and Ruby knows exactly what grandma would love-a beautiful ballerina box.  Max also knows what she’d love-a scary pair of ooey-gooey vampire teeth.. Ruby has a saved up  a wallet full of bills, but as unexpected mishap after mishap occurs, money starts running through the bunnies’ fingers.. will they have enough left for the perfect present?

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent by Aristides Ruiz: Book Cover

One cent, two cents, old cent, new cent by Bonnie Worth and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Marthieu really teaches money from the beginning.  This books talks about where money comes from, how you use money,  and all of the different forms of money.

Book Cover

The Story of Money by Betsy Maestro and illustrated by Giulio Maestro is a cute story about how money came about. How come a tiny sliver of yellow medal is worth more than a big loaf of bread, and a little piece of  green paper is worth more than either? Betsy and Giulio Maestro explore the many forms money has taken around the world, from barter doubloons to greenbacks to credit cards.

Book Cover

The Money Tree by Sarah Stewart and illustrated by David Small is a cute book. It is about an extraordinary tree is growing in Miss McGillicuddy’s yard! Month after month, its leaves-which come in all denominations – attract people from far and wide. Will this strange harvest ever end?

Can I Have Some Money? Max Gets It! by Sparks Candi: Book Cover

Can I have some Money?: Max Gets it! by Candi Sparks and illustrated by William Graf. This book  is about a 10 year old boy names Maximillion. It is all about him wanting money, how he made it and what he did with it. Children in this age group will love it.

Website Recommendations

United States Mint: Is a wonderful website for teachers and children to learn about money. There are many lesson plans and activities all search-able by grade. If you go to the kids tab, and select games, there are more than enough games for every child in your class. There games are also search-able by grade level.  One game I specifically like is DollarDive.

Escape from Knab– This website is a fun game about getting enough money to return to planet Earth.  ” you are about to take off on an adventure to the strange and silly planet Knab. Make the right financial choices and find your way back to Earth.

The Piggy Bank Game-Select the coins you need to match the total. For each correct answer, you’ll fill the piggy bank a little bit more. You have to count quickly as the coins build up. If you take too long, the game will end.

Change Maker-The perfect game to practice making change for a customer. You are given the total sale and the amount paid. You must determine the total change to give and which coins to use.  This game has several levels of difficulty so you can use this game for those struggling to those more advanced.

Keep the Change– These are word problem games for the more advanced student.The online money word game gives you a story and a total dollar amount. From the clues you need to determine how many of each type of coin are needed

Additional suggested Resources:

The United States Mint- has wonderful lesson plans, children games, printables etc.Coin enthusiasts, school teachers, and parents across the country and around the world are linked to the United States Mint through  Much information about past, present, and future coins is available here with just a few clicks.  Parents can be sure that great care has been taken to make a safe place for children.  Educators of all kinds can find information and teaching tools in abundance here, including lesson plans and classroom ideas created by teachers.  And kids of all ages can enjoy the site’s games, activities, and historic research opportunities.

Home School Math- Homeschool Math has several worksheet generators that can create a variety of worksheets for you. You can customize the worksheets with many varied options, so can make them easy or difficult according to the student’s level, with lots or less problems, with big or small fonts, etc. Each time you get a different worksheet since they are generated randomly. Choose a topic from the menu below.

TLS Books- Welcome to, where you’ll find a variety of free first grade worksheets for home and school use.  Our first grade worksheets are intended to enhance your child’s skills and introduce new concepts in a fun, stress-free manner.  Depending on your child’s abilities, you may wish to refer to our kindergarten and second grade worksheets for further practice.

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