Teaching Economics With Children’s Literature: I Can Count Money


“One way to count the value of different kinds of coins is to count the most valuable coins first. ”  The book I Can Count Money teaches students many tricks like this one that can help students learn to count money.  The book also contains a review section, index, and a “learn more” section for students.

Curriculum Connections

This book could be used when discussing the differences between barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services(SOL 2.8.j).  It would teach students the different types of coins and paper money and their values.  The book would be most appropriate for grade levels 1-2.  A great cross curriculum book, this book ties nicely with math units on money!


Interactive money games such as” flipping coins” and “adding money stacks” are posted on this site- a great teaching tool!

A coloring page called “money match” teaches the values of coins through a matching game.

A song to teach the students the value of coins on this web page.

Book: I Can Count Money
Author: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson
Publisher: Enslow Elementary Publishers
Publication Date: 2009
Pages: 24 pages
Grade Range: 1-2
ISBN: 978-0-7660-3658-1


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