Teaching Civics With Children’s Literature:


“You must choose a president.  I hope that each of you will run.  Everyone can vote just once.  This job can be a lot of fun!”  In this entertaining book, the Beasties must elect a class president and each candidate presents their platform to their classmates. What a great way to introduce young students to civics.  The book also contains activities and a word list.

Curriculum Connections
This book is a great introductory level (K-1)  book to the topic of civics. By reading it , students will learn that “being a good citizen involves participating in decision making in the classroom”  (SOL K.8.f).  The class could hold a mock election after reading the book so the students would get to see the process of voting in action.  Math could be tied into the lesson my counting the votes.

Additional Resources

Citizenship City  is a PBS kids website containing 8 days of lesson plans and activities for teachers to use when teaching civics!

This website provides printable coloring book pages of US Presidents.

Video of School House Rock song “I’m Just a Bill”.   Lyrics are on this site

Book:  Vote for Me- All About Civics

Author:  Kirsten Hall

Illustrator:  Bev Luedecke

Publisher: Children’s Press

Publication Date: 2003

Pages: 31

Grade Range: K-1

ISBN: 016228978


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