Teaching Process Skills with Children’s Literature: The Simple Truth About Scientists


Introduction and Summary
In the book, The Simple Truth About Scientists, written and illustrated by Donna Farland it discusses the many myth’s about scientists. The book explains five different myth’s that are associated with scientists. The myths are scientists only work in laboratories, wear lab coats, cause explosions, are geeky, and lastly scientists are geniuses. The book then gives examples to counter the five myths. One myth from the book said scientists are geeky, the book then states the truth by saying many normal people of all races enjoy being scientists. This book is great for kindergartners and first graders to help them know the real truth about scientists.

Curriculum Connections
This book helps students understand the five myths of scientists. It could be taught to simplify areas in science. (K.1b) In the book it discusses that scientists spend most of their time observing  and collecting their data for tests. (K2.b) Scientists need to use thier brain to describe the objects around them. (K.1f) Scientists when mixing chemicals together do a lot of observating and then predicting the outcomes.

Additional Resources

  • Color Mixing– allows the students to work hands-on. Students need to get used to handling science tools. This lesson allows the students to understand the idea of scientific experimentation. The students will mix different colors together seeing  the different outcomes of the colors
  • Caterpillars to Butterflies– This lesson plan lets student observe the development of caterpillar into butterflies. This teaches students how to observe which is one major part of being a scientists
  • Water Magic– This lesson allows students to use everyday experiments to help them understand the scientific method. Students are able to observe and experiment the three physical forms of water.

Book: The Simple Truth About Scientists
Author: Donna Farland
Illustrator: Donna Farland & Jessica Prescott
Publisher: Authentic Perceptions Press
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 1- 11
Grade Range- K-1
ISBN: 0-9724170-2-8

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