Teaching Physical Science With Children’s Literature: Wired



Wired, written by Anastasia Suen and illustrated by Paul Carrick, is a physical science book for students related to electricity.  The book starts out explaining the importance of electrons and describing how electricity is made at the power plant.  It then goes on to explain the different types of vehicles used to transport electricity to surrounding areas and cities (transformer towers, feeder lines, secondary wires, etc.).  As one reads the book, he or she can see that the author is explaining the process of how electricity is created and moved to other places step by step.  The pictures start out showing the power plant, and end up illustrating the ways electricity is used around the house in lamps, computers, breakers, and more.  The book ends with a few tips for children on how to “Be Smart About Power!” and lists some websites and other book resources where children can find out more about electricity.

Curriculum Connections
Wired is a great resource to help upper elementary school students learn about an important part of physical science, electricity, because its describes in great detail about the electricity is created and how it is transports to different places, while still being fun with its illustrations and catchy subtitles throughout (“Lamps glow, heaters blow” ]p. 24], “Clocks tick, computers click [p.26]).  I feel that this book might be difficult for some lower elementary school students to understand as some of the words might be difficult for them to read, and some of the concepts might still be a bit advanced for them as well.

Additional Resources

  • This experiment could be fun to do with students during a unit on electricity; the students can make their own simple generators in the classroom using a cardboard box, magnets, a nail, wire, and a tiny light bulb.
  • This is an example of a science fair project elementary students can do using magnets and static electricity.
  • This is a link to several interactive games students can play to learn more about electricity.

Book: Wired
Author: Anastasia Suen
Illustrators: Paul Carrick
Publication Date: 2007
Pages:  32 pages
Grade Range: 3-5

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