Teaching Physical Science With Children’s Literature: I Am Water



I Am Water, written by Jean Marzollo, is a book about the many states of water.  The story is written in first person with “water” speaking to the child.  “Water” explains all the things it can be.  “Watch me.  I am water.”  “I am ice for cooling.”  “I am snow for sledding.”  There are many colorful illustrations of children playing in the water which would be very eye catching to a young audience.

Curriculum Connections

This book could be used in the instruction of the physical science to young students (target grade K).  It teaches that water occurs in different forms (solid, liquids, gas).  (SOL K.5.A)  By reading this book, the students would be introduced to the topics of matter and water.  It would also nicely bridge across subjects if it was used as a reading group book.


The Crayola website provides a coloring book page about water called “water, water everywhere”.  This could be used as a center activity.

This site has various videos and activities for teaching solids, liquids, and gases in kid friendly terms. 

This site contains introductory and age appropriate activity pages on the water cycle.

Book:  I Am Water

Author: Jean Marzollo

Illustrator:  Judith Moffatt

Publisher: Scholastic Inc

Publication Date: 1996

Pages: 1-28

Grade Range:  K-1

ISBN: 0-590-26587-3

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