Teaching Process Skills with Children’s Literature: Science Fair Bunnies


Introduction and Summary
Clyde and Rosemary are best friends and partners for their science fair project in Science Fair Bunnies, written by Kathryn Lasky and illustrated by Marylin Hafner.  The only problem is that their plants have died that they were using for their experiment.  Not knowing what to do, Clyde suddenly gets an idea when he feels his loose tooth over breakfast.  He calls and asks Rosemary if she would like to do an experiment using their teeth.  The only catch is that no one can decide if they want to use their tooth for “science or the Tooth Fairy”. In the end Clyde and Rosemary both choose science.  Their choice pays off because their project wins a blue ribbon.  Clyde explained to the Tooth Fairy in a dream “We did it for science”.  The next day he had a shiny coin and his tooth under his pillow.

Curriculum Connections
This book would be a great source to teach students scientific reasoning, logic, and science by performing investigations.  During these investigations, predictions are made based on observations. (SOL 1.1h) These observations are recorded as data, analyzed, and communicated orally with graphs, pictures, numbers, and written statements. (SOL 1.1i) The book also describes and gives a great example of a simple experiment that is conducted to answer questions. (SOL 1.1j)

Additional Resources

Book: Science Fair Bunnies
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Illustrator: Marylin Hafner
Publisher: Candlewick
Publisher Date: 2000
Pages: 32
Grade Range: 1-3
ISBN: 0763607290

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