Teaching History with Children’s Literature: Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln by Amy L. Cohn and Suzy Schmidt illustrated by David A. Johnson is a great book for students to learn about the contributions Abraham Lincoln made. This book goes into great detail about his life. The introduction of the book is very creative which will help get students engaged from the start. The text on some of the pages is lengthy, but the pictures explain the text, which will help students with the reading. This book highlights the important features of Lincoln’s life, which is important for children. Another important feature of this book is the important date list in the back of the book. This can be a good reference for students if they just need to find out a specific date.

“See that tall, tall man in that black hat? Know who he is? That’s right he’s the man on the penny Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States. Was he always that way, straight as an arrow, tall as a tree, serious as can be? Let’s go back. Let’s go back a ways, and see.”

Curriculum Connection
This book would be a great tool to introduce Abraham Lincoln to the class. This book provides all of his major contributions during his lifetime. (USI.9 d) (USII. 3 c). This book could also be used at a station with a worksheet to fill out about Abraham Lincoln. Also, if a student just needed a date of an important fact this book could be used as a reference. This book could also be used to challenge students in the younger grades.
Additional Resources
1. Learning Activitiesis a great resource for both students and teachers. This website can be used for students to complete different activities or online games. The teacher can use this website to find great activities about Abraham Lincoln. There are many different resources on this website for all ages of children.
2. Printable pages about Abraham Lincoln provides an excellent activity for young children. The activity involves placing vocabulary words about Abraham Lincoln in alphabetical order.
3. Enchanted Learningis a great resource for teachers to find activities for students to complete. Additionally, this website provides more background information on his life. There are a variety of resources for the students to complete.
General Information
Abraham Lincoln
Authors: Amy L. Cohn and Suzy Schmidt
Illustrator: David A. Johnson
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 1-40
Grade Range: 3-5
ISBN: 0590935666

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