Teaching History with Children’s Literature: Chesapeake ABC


The book Chesapeake ABC is a entertaining rhyming book that discusses animals and objects found in the Chesapeake Bay. David Aiken is the illustrator and the pictures are really colorful and easy to identify the main idea on the page. Each letter is presented very large for students to read easily. This book can be used to incorporate learning the ABC’s as well as learning the importance of the Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake ABC also teaches young kids new words as well:

” E is for egret,

So feathery and fair.

E also stands for eel,

Who slithers here and there.”

There are also other books in this series called Chesapeake 1-2-3 and Chesapeake Rainbow from Priscilla Cummings as well as other books that involve animals found in the bay. They can be viewed at her website.

Curriculum Connections:

Chesapeake ABC can be used to help students learn the letters of the alphabet and different aspects of the Chesapeake Bay. It discusses what animals live there, different types of boats, and even items found near the bay. It can be used to cover VA SOL VS.2.

Additional Resources:

Title: Chesapeake ABC
Priscilla Cummings
Publisher: Tidewater Publishers
Publication Date: 2000
Grade Range:

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