Teaching Civics With Children’s Literature: For Every Child


Of all the books published to celebrate the beginning of the new Millennium, For Every Child is one of the most important.  In November 1989, the United Nations formally adopted fifty-four principles that make up the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child — from the right to a name and a nationality to the right to education and play and special protection for disabled children.  Encompassed in this book are fourteen of the most essential rights that have been carefully selected and retold in a simple, evocative text that every child can understand.  Each right is interpreted in an awesome, double page spread by a handful of famous artists, including American award winners Rachel Isadora and Jerry Pinkney.

Curriculum Connections
This book would be an excellent addition to any lesson plan on responsibilities and good citizenship.  In the state of Virginia, this would correspond to SOL 2.10, respecting and protecting the rights and property of others; describing actions that can improve the school and community; and practicing honesty and trustworthiness.

Additional Resources
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Book Title: For Every Child
Author: Caroline Castle
Illustrators: Jerry Pinkney, Rachel Isadora
Publisher: Phyllis Fogelman Books
Publication Date: January 15, 2001
Pages: 40
Grade Range: 2-3
ISBN: 978-0803726505

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