Teaching Civics with Children’s Literature: A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln is a very important historical figure that many elementary grades study as part of our American hertiage. A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler is a book to use with the lower grades when studying Abraham Lincoln and his importance to American history.  The book includes the major life events and contributions of Lincoln. Adler uses just the right amount of details and texts for the younger grades to understand. The illustrations are simple and colorful to hold a child’s attention.  The reader will need to be prepared to explain to young children some of the events Adler explains in the book and the illustrations that the Wallner’s depict in their pictures.  For example, the shooting of President Lincoln and the auctioning of a slave standing in chains. The last page of the book offers a short time line of important events in Lincoln’s life.

Curriculum Connections
A Picture Book of Abraham Lincon is a good picture book to use as part of a civics lesson related to famous Americans.  It is an easy book for children to understand American history from this time period. In Virgina, this book relates to social studies Civics SOL 2.11.  It would also be appropriate to use in kindergarten and first grade when studying about historical accounts of Abraham Lincoln.

Addition Resources

This is a fun way to make Abe Lincoln’s log cabin using pretzels and chococlate icing.

A web based site with various activities for primary students about Abe Lincoln.

Activities, worksheets and crafts for President Lincoln.

Book: A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln
Author: David A. Adler
Illustrator: John and Alexandra Wallner
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Date: 1989
Reading Level: Ages 5-8
Pages: 26
ISBN: 0590103717

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