Teaching Civics with Children’s Literature: Thomas Jefferson


Introduction As the main author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson not only created the single most important piece of American literature, he also served as a United States secretary of state, vice president and eventually president. Victoria Sherrow did an outstanding job of writing this book based on Thomas Jefferson’s accomplishments and life journey. This book will educate all of those who read it on everything from Thomas Jefferson’s birthplace; Shadwell, to Thomas Jefferson “devoting many hours to his garden and acquiring a green thumb” (p. 40). Victoria Sherrow does an excellent job using easy to read language mixed with a colorful mixture of pictures and photos.

Curriculum Connections
This book would be an excellent source when introducing Thomas Jefferson into the curriculum. SOL 3.11 B discusses the contributions of many important individuals related to the foundation of America including Thomas Jefferson. This book could also be utilized when children are assigned to a reading station and are to answer questions about Thomas Jefferson.

Additional Resources

  • Puzzle is a fun game for younger children who are to rearrange the tiles to form a picture of Thomas Jefferson.
  • Trivia is a fun trivia game that is focused on Thomas Jefferson fun facts.
  • Meet TJ is an excellent online source for a child to learn everything there is to know about Thomas Jefferson.

Book: Thomas Jefferson
Victoria Sherrow
Tim Parlin
Lerner Publications Company
Publication Date:
48 pages
Grade Range:

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