Teaching Civics with Children’s Literature: Where Washington Walked


Where Washington Walked  chronicles the life of George Washington. It’s written by Raymond Bial and has wonderful photographs of the actual places Washington lived, worked and travelled to. It talks about ordinary things Washington did such as “experimenting with crop rotation to improve soil fertility” as well as extraordinary things such as “after the new Constitution was sent to the states for ratification, George Washington was unanimously chosen by the Electoral College in 1789 as the first president of the United States.”

Curriculum Connections: This book could be used for  VA SOL 3.11(b)- identifying the contributions of George Washington. It’s a longer book with a lot of writing so if it is used as an introduction the teacher might have to choose certain pages to highlight. The pictures are interesting so students may also enjoy reading it on their own.

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General Information:
Book: Where Washington Walked
Author: Raymond Bial
Illustrator: Snap-Haus Graphics
Publisher: Fitzhenry and Whiteside
Publication Date: 2004
Pages: 48
Grade Range: 3-5

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