Teaching Geography With Children’s Literature: Welcome to Greece


Welcome to Greece (Countries of The World), by Meredith Costain and Paul Collins is full of educational information.  Inside the front and back covers are Greek phrases, numbers, and English words that derived from the Greek Language.  There is a table of contents with icons that correspond with the information in the book.  It has great pictures that also go with the text and a map showing the surrounding countries.

Curriculum Connections
This book would work well for 1-4 graders studying geography.  With its real-life pictures and its easy-to-read information students will easily learn from this book.

Additional Resources
This website offers many different types of maps for students to look at. You can pick from world or country maps.

Kidsgeo.com has several different geography games for students to play.  You can pick from the different countries, the U.S. capitals, or lattitude and longitude games.

National Geographic Kids: People and Places In the Spotlight, gives children facts about the country  and also shows pictures.

Book: Welcome to Greece (Countries of the World)
Author: Meredith Costain and Paul Collins
Illustrator: Vaughan Duck
Publisher: Chelsea House
Publication date: 2000
Pages: 32
Grade Range: 1-4
ISBN: 0-7910-6545-6

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