Teaching Geography with Children’s Literature: There’s a Map on My Lap!



The book There’s a Map on My Lap! by Tish Rabe is a great introduction to maps using Dr. Seuss and his catchy rhyming phrases. This book introduces children to a compass rose, a globe, scales, types of maps, directions, and even population. Each topic is covered over a few pages and this book can be split up into different lessons. Key definitions are given on pages where a new mapping term is used and also in the back of the book in the glossary. Kids will enjoy learning about all aspects of mapping with Dr. Seuss as they learn reasons why maps are used and how to use them.

Curriculum Connections:

There’s a Map on My Lap can be used as a great introduction book to many different aspects of maps such as scales, types of maps, making a map, making a legend, etc. The book can be used to cover certain topics at a time instead of reading it all the way through as well. This book covers VA SOLs K.4, 1.4, 1.5, and 2.6.

Additional Resources:

  • The National Geographic website has a page devoted to lesson plan ideas for teachers and they are split into grade levels. The lesson on “Neighborhood Services: Where they are and why?” can be used with this book as students explore their neighborhood and create a map of their own.
  • Global Alliance has a lesson plan where teachers create a map of their room and school with the students. This can work well  with young children entering a new school so they can learn where different rooms are and where everything is in relation to each other.
  • KidsGeo is a website devoted to different aspects of geography for kids. There are different sections devoted to teaching kids about scales, legends, why maps are useful, etc. There are also geography games for children to play.
  • BrainPopJR gives kids great information about the different aspects of a map and some activities parents and teachers can use with kids using maps.

Title: There’s a Map on my Lap!
  Tish Rabe
Random House
Publication Date
: 2002
Grade Range:

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