Teaching Economics with Children’s Literature: A Kid’s Guide to Earning Money


A Kid’s Guide to Earning Money, written by Tamra Orr, follows a class of fifth-graders as they learn different ways of earning cash. This book not only informs grade-age children on what jobs they can get but it also educates them on how to invest and save.

The book begins with Mr. Franks, the fifth grade teacher, informing his class that if they each earn $3.50 then together they could raise enough money for a trip to the brand new science museum before it opens to the public. They begin by suggesting different things that the class could do to raise money. However, since the class is not old enough to earn a paycheck, they all suggest odd jobs around their own homes or neighborhood to earn money. By the end of the book the class has raised enough money to not only go to the museum but also a class trip to the local pizza restaurant.

Curriculum Connections
A Kid’s Guide to Earning Money can be used  when introducing the concept of saving and investing. One grade in particular would be the second grade SOL 2.8 – using money in exchange for goods and services.

Additional Resources

  • Planet Orange – This website is directed towards children in grades 1 – 6 and is aimed at teaching them all earning, investing, spending, and saving.
  • Diving for Dollars – This game is designed for younger children in earlier grades to grab change and save up to $20 worth before the sea monster gets to them.
  • Winter Olympics – This game could be used as a differentiated learning experiment to challenge children that learn coins and what they are worth quicker than other students.

Book: A Kid’s Guide to Earning Money
: Tamra Orr
r: Mitchell Lane Publishers
Date: 2009
s: 48
Grade Range
: 3-6
ISBN: 978-1-58415-643-7

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