Teaching Economics with Children’s Literature: Goods and Services

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The basics of economics–goods, services, producers, and consumers–are presented in Goods and Services by Janeen R. Adil.  The simple text provides kid-friendly examples of goods and services:  an eye doctor provides a service when she checks a child’s vision; she provides goods when she sells glasses.   The straightforward photographs show children and adults as producers and consumers in everyday situations:  Joe sells his old toys at a yard sale, then he takes the money he makes to buy school supplies he needs and a book he wants.  The book ends with a glossary of terms.


Goods and Services will provide first-graders with a good introduction to the basic vocabulary of economics:  goods, services, producers, and consumers (VA History and Social Studies SOL 1.7).  Second- and third-graders can read this book for review before a unit on economics.

Additional Resources

  • Janeen R. Adil has written other basic books about economics for young children including Supply and Demand and Scarcity.
  • Learn how everyday goods, such as crayons and sneakers, are made by watching videos at How People Make Things, a PBS Kids webpage.
  • Younger students will enjoy deciding whether a producer provides a good or a service in this matching activity from the Council for Economic Education.
  • Students can practice counting out coins from their piggy banks to purchase goods from The Market in this on-line activity.

BookGoods and Services
Author: Janeen R. Adil
Illustrator: Multiple photo sources
Publisher: Capstone Press
Publication Date: January 1, 2006
Pages: 24
Grade Range: K – 3 
ISBN-13: 978-0736853958

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