Teaching Earth Science with Children’s Literature: Seasons


The book Seasons comes from a great series called eye-like, which I purchased at BJ’s Wholesale Club. The book goes through each season, describes what is happening to plants, what animals are changing(frog, butterfly), and what animals and plants are present in each season. The book is complete with vibrate real photographs and each page is written in a short poem to remember what is going on. In the corner of each page there is a symbol (one denoting each season) so that even the kids can look at the book later and know what is going on.

Curriculum Connections:

Seasons can be used as a great introduction to learning seasons and how things change in the world through out time. It can also be used to show children how plants and animals change throughout the year. It gives kids a great visual representation to the different seasons and it will help them to remember what happens in each. This can be used to cover VA SOL 1.7 and 2.7.

Additional Resources:

  • TLS Books has a cute maze children can do that also asks questions about hibernation.
  • Time for Kids has a worksheet where children look at the seasons cycle and place pictures in the appropriate space to represent each season.
  • Boggles World has worksheets students can complete on each season where they can practice writing and sharing information they know about each.

Title: Seasons
Play Bac Publishing
Publication Date
: 2009
Grade Range:

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