Teaching Earth Science with Children’s Literature: The Moon Book


The Moon Book written & illustrated by Gail Gibbons describes the phases of the moon, it’s revolation around Earth, and how we have studied the moon.

The Moon Book, with it’s brightly colored pictures, is all about the light in our sky, the moon. “It outshines all the stars and planets, which appear as small points of light.” It goes on to describe how the moon does shine since it doesn’t make it’s own light, and why we see the different shapes, or phases, of the moon. “During a new moon, the moon is almost directly between the sun and Earth. The moon looks dark. We see no reflected light.” It also talks about what people in ancient times thought about the moon, and the history of Americans traveling to the moon. “In 1961 President John F. Kennedy made a commitment to put Americans on the moon before the end of the decade.” It goes on to talk about the first Americans to get close to, and the first ones to walk on the moon. In the back of the book, it has milestones, legend and stories of, and facts all about the moon.

Curriculum Connections

The Moon book is a great resource when you are studying the moon. It talks about different aspects of the moon from the motions and phases to the historical contributions in understanding the moon. It is connected to the VA SOL Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change 4.7. The student will investigate and understand the relationship among the Earth, moon, and sun.

Additional Resources

  • For a lesson plan that has students using computers try the Educator’s Reference Desk Phases of the Moon.
  • Students can use the Label Moon’s Phases Diagram worksheet. It has both the terms and the definitions in a word bank, and students label the moon phases in the diagram.
  • Moon Phases is a podcast that describes the some of the history, the phases of the moon, talks about a lunar eclipse, and new moon. It has some great pictures to go along with it.
  • If your students can sing the song “If Your Happy and You Know It”, then they can learn the Moon Phases Song.
  • This edible activity on the phases of the moon will have your students wanting more.

General Information

Book: The Moon Book
Author: Gail Gibbons
Illustrator: Gail Gibbons
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Date: 1997
Pages: 28 pages
Grade Range: 2-6
ISBN: 9780823413645

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