Teaching Life Processing with Children’s Literature: Photosynthesis


Photosynthesis by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein and Laura Silverstein Nunnis a book that provides great detail on the process of photosynthesis. This book provides good examples and illustrations of what happens during photosynthesis. Additionally, this book also gives many good activities for students to complete while learning about photosynthesis. Another important feature of this book is that it not only discusses the process of photosynthesis, but also the future of photosynthesis. This book also gives good resources for many science concepts and has a glossary as a resource.

Curriculum Connection
This book is geared toward helping students gain an understanding about the process of photosynthesis SOL 4.4(c). This book would be a great tool to challenge students who already have a basic understanding of photosynthesis. Some of the material in this book may be difficult for some students to understand. This book could also be used for a center because there are many good activities for students to complete. Additionally, this book can be used for students to expand on the knowledge of photosynthesis.

Additional Resources

  • This website is a good resource for a teacher to go to for a lesson plan on photosynthesis. The lesson provides an activity for students to complete to learn more about photosynthesis.
  • This website provides many different activities for students to complete. Teachers can pick from a variety of activities to complete with their students. Additionally, some of these activities could be used for homework assignments as well.
  • This video is a good resource for students to look at to help them understand the process of photosynthesis. This video provides a lot of good information for the students.

General Information
: Photosynthesis
Author: Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, Laura Silverstein Nunn
Illustrator: None Listed
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
Publication Date: 1998
Pages: 5-63
Grade Range: 4-7
ISBN: 0-7613-3000-3

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