I am a Kenyan student, and I have lived my entire life in Kenya. My experience back home was a unique one having attended an American boarding school with a diverse student body from all over the world. The best aspects about attending boarding school were that I was constantly around my friends and I was able build strong relationships with them. I loved being so close to all this different cultures from the tender age of 10 that greatly shaped the person I am and the outlook I have on life. The diversity began to open up my mind to the multiple ideas that people have and taught me how to take them in and use them positively. This in turn changed the way that I live my life into a mix of bits others and my own ideas that I integrate into my complex living. This sort of lifestyle has brought me to love hearing various ideas and opinions that people have that I can incorporate into my lifestyle or just to broaden my mind on different topics.

I enjoy hearing people’s opinions as they shows how different people analyze the information they have. I believe that by hearing what others think we receive small insight about the way they think and operate. These ideas are generated from the mind and are our way of seeing what makes them tick. In view of that, this blog is for you readers to get a peek into my complex little mind. Though a lot of things run through my mind I don’t make statements without factual basis and most of the time they are clean cut statements.

If you haven’t realized by now, I am fascinated by the way the human mind works and I make use of my mind as much as possible. One job that I considered having once was being a detective as their investigations require plenty of analytical thinking, but I don’t know how well that would work out for me back home in Kenya. Yet the opportunity to engage in something that I consider being fairly close to it came up and I chose to take it by enrolling in the class “Cops, Crime, and Popular Culture”. The words cops and crime instantly stood out to me and triggered my mind into thinking of investigations which I couldn’t resist. I look forward to exploring these key ideas and using the few investigative skills that I have to unravel the connection between them. It is intriguing to see the different things that make us tick and how we respond. We all have the same facts but we interpret them uniquely to forms our own conclusions and these are mine.

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