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Ever since 9/11, attacks against Muslims in the media have been escalating. Media outlets, especially Fox News, have normalized labels and continues to influence people’s beliefs about Islam in general. While white men are labeled as “mentally unstable” or “sick” by politicians and the media, Muslim men are automatically labeled as a “Islamic terrorist” when they commit a shooting. The media’s use of Islam as a “motivation” for terrorism has lead to the rise of hate crimes against Muslims across the nation.


– What is the scope of the project? Shootings in the United States have been on rise, and media’s coverage has been playing a huge part in increasing hate against certain minority groups. In my project I will be showing how the media labels white men who commit an attack as “mentally unstable” and men from the middle east as “radical Islamic terrorism”. I have chosen two specific two shooting to focus on: The Las Vegas concert shooting and the Orlando, Florida shooting. The man who attacked the concert in Las Vegas was labeled as “mentally ill” and the man who committed an attack in Florida was labeled as a “Muslim terrorist”. In the video, I will analyze how such labeling contributed to building false images about minority groups and increase hate and discrimination worldwide.  

– What is the video’s argument? The media has played a huge role in increasing hate against certain minority groups.

– Are the keywords appropriate? Are there better keywords to apply? Yes, I believe that my words, which are stereotype, representation, and ideology are good keywords to apply to the project. I can also use the word Power to analyze how the media has the power over people’s thoughts.

– Can one accomplish these goals in 3-5 minutes and be convincing? If not, how can the project be further refined?  My first project submission was very broad, therefore, I have decided to narrow it down to the description above (in the first question). I have only picked two events to analyze and will be looking at how media outlets covered those two events.

Are there other sources that should be included? Yes, I will be including videos from Fox News and/or CNN and compare the two events based on the media’s analysis and coverage. 

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  • November 11, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    The argument is still vague. It actually seems like your argument is in the “scope” section. What I read as your argument is that “the media labels white men who commit an attack as ‘mentally unstable’ and men from the middle east as ‘radical Islamic terrorism’” and a result spreads racist ideologies that causes racial terror.

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