Be the Man You Want to Be

As we have discussed since the very beginning of this class with the “man box,” our popular culture continues to glorify men with physical strength, good looks, financial wealth, and many conquests with women. What society preaches then influences how teenage boys aspire to be. In essence, these boys believe that adhering to these stereotypes represents their path to respect and success in life. Unfortunately, these stereotypes undermine the uniqueness of individuals and exclude men who do not conform to “man box” ideals. With this in mind, I will promote positive masculinity by celebrating what makes all of us unique and special. I will not jump to conclusions about fellow students until I have walked a mile in their shoes. I will not allow others to impose their negativity on myself or others. I will speak up when I hear ignorant hate. I will step in when I see others being taken advantage of sexually. The “man box” should not define who we are. Instead it should be our beliefs, character, and how we carry ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box – it makes you more interesting anyway…