Why are a few men committing 90% of sexual assaults?

Despite what the media and freshman orientation programs may claim regarding sexual assault on college campuses, almost all men will go their entire life having never committed any form of sexual assault. The problem of sexual assault is not widespread because all men have the ability and tendency to commit such heinous acts, but instead because those who are willing to do so almost never stop after one offense.

The startling statistic that reports nearly 90% of all sexual assaults coming from a small group of individuals indicates a much more startling fact. If assault was more spread among a larger group of male perpetrators, the act could be more easily blamed on terrible lapses in judgement. More specifically, these acts could be discounted as mistakes, though still terrible, but mistakes all the same. The reality however, is much more concerning. As such a small number of individuals commit these acts, it can only be assumed that these individuals do not the see the error in their actions following their first offense. Often these cases of widespread sexual assault may even be the culmination of heinous planning. An individual who assaults another person once while under the influence of alcohol is still worthy of significant punishment for this crime, but such an action does not entail the necessary level of evil present in more planned assault.

Assault is committed in such concentrations because those who are willing to assault an individual the first time often do not see the error in their ways. They willingly commit the act a second time without further remorse and often following significant planning.