Why 90% of rapes are committed by a few men

As college students, we live in a culture that promotes silence and acceptance. Especially in college, men and women are introduced to an entirely new world and situations. A lot of these situations often involve alcohol, parties, and a hookup culture. Therefore, students are often overwhelmed and are not able to handle themselves properly in these situations. Unfortunately, some individuals take advantage of these circumstances and perpetrate acts of sexual violence. They recognize that almost everyone at the party will not know what to do or will be able to stop any act of violence. Not only that, but most of the time nobody even knows its happening. Most students understand the dangers of sexual violence and want it to end, but unfortunately these are the same students who can see the event happening and don’t do anything about it. We become guilty bystanders to situations. These students do not commit the acts of sexual violence, and if asked would speak against any unwanted violence. However, they become part of the problem because they allow it to happen. In order for the number of rapes and acts of sexual violence to go down, this bystander culture needs to stop. We need to be able to stop any acts of violence before they happen and let the violators know that what they are doing is wrong and illegal.