Why 90% of rapes are being committed by a few men

I think a small number of men are repeat offenders because of the gender dynamics of American society. I read an article that discusses that many men convicted of rape share some characteristics. Among those characteristics are the need to dominate women, anger towards women, hypermasculinity, and lack of empathy. Apart from some common characteristics to blame for repeat offenses, I think a person’s definition of rape could affect their likelihood of being a repeat offender. Some men may not believe they committed rape because it doesn’t fit their definition of rape.

Another thing to consider is that many rapes on college campuses are underreported. A man who is never accused of rape and doesn’t have to deal with the consequences may likely be a repeat offender. Many colleges in the US, including UofR, are being investigated for Title IX violations. In my opinion many of these schools aren’t handing out adequate punishments. If they are not being punished and are still allowed to attend the same school as their victim, they will not realize the gravity of their offense.

The Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) provides many important statistics and information on rape on their website. Research by this organization had found that only a small percentage of rapists ever spend a day in jail. Many rapes don’t get reported and of those that do, and even smaller percentage lead to an arrest. Only a fraction of those cases then lead to a conviction. The statistic that RAINN provides is that only 3% of all rape cases lead to a conviction. This is another reason why so many offenders go on to commit other rapes.