Why are a few men committing 90% of sexual assaults?

There are a few men committing 90 percent of sexual assaults simple because of there up bringing. 90 percent of rapist at some point either have either live through some form of sexual assault or actually seen a older figure commit one. seeing or going through this can be very detrimental to a infants mind. when seeing this they  begin to think this is the way it suppose to be.Family dysfunction plays a big part in the child action. some studies show that when a child see or go through any sexual assaults they are twice as likely to commit similar actions. absents or poor parenting can indirectly affect young men’s sexual development and and action . Education places a big part in this as well. Being educated on the precautions of a sexual assault can deter males from sexual assaults . Another reason why 90% of sexual assaults come from men is because men like to feel in control. control issues also can come from bad parenting as well. sexual gratification entirely about power and not sex. seeing there father out voice there mother and control her can huge in his learning curve. also this can come from the use of any type of drug or alcohol. some drugs and alcohol can make you very aggressive. its and also impair the way you think. With all of these factor a rapist is created. also with the way our society is set up once you have been identified as  a rapist  there is no way to come back from that. in some case this causes people to re-offend from there sexual needs. furthermore some people aren’t able to get certain jobs or live a certain amount of miles away from school zones. we as a society dont help these men who are committing these crimes we just continue to treat them like animals and that how they act