In the world we live into to be a man you must be a big mean aggressive dude. As a young boy we are taught to be tough and fight back if any try’s to hit you. We also worship the men who are seen as tough guy. The guys who don’t take nothing from nobody .I believe boxing/MMA are the manliest sport in the world simply because of the thing they go through with in the sport. Boxing / MMA are very dangerous sport. Not only are they repeatedly punched in the face, stomach, arms, and various other body parts, they also face punches that can reach over 2,000 pounds of pressure. It takes a true man to take that kind of beating every night. You not only have to be physically tough but also mentally tough. The average man can’t take those kinds of blows to the head and be ok. These blows have caused injuries from broken jaws to brain being detached from the skull to depression. Being knocked out by someone in front millions of people isn’t the best thing in the world. It can have an emotional affect on you as well as a physical affect. You can go into depression if you lose to bad in front of people you love. These injuries can have a long time affect on your life. Knowing these facts and still joining this sport I believe it takes a real man. In the world we live in today the ultimate was to measure how tough and manly you are is how bad you can get beat up and get back up. Also in contrast to that is how bad you can beat another man up. What other way do you measure this then actually fighting in boxing and MMA?