Manliest Sport

In our society men are viewed as and expected to be the toughest individuals on the earth.  Therefore I believe that the manliest sport is football.  Football is a sport that originated in the mid 19th century, and can be traced to early versions of rugby. I believe that football is the most manliest sport because it does not only challenge you physically it also challenges you mentally. In our society a man is viewed as strong with the ability to overpower his opponents with his mental and physical dominance. With this being said, what better sport to show physical and mental dominance than football. Football is a game that is played with the intent to overpower your opponent every play of the game. In most cases which ever man is capable to endure physical punishment to the body without letting the mind give up is usually the team who wins. Another reason why football is the most manliest sport is because they are often fighting through injuries just to help the team win. Football also has an unreal intensity that cant be compared to any other sport. For example, in comparison to baseball the intensity doesn’t match, football players have a sense as if they are at war with another team when playing.  This intensity level validates that football is the more manliest sport because everyone cant deal with the demand. In my 22 years of life I have played 4 different sports including football, basketball, baseball, and boxing I have yet to see anybody walk away from boxing, basketball, or baseball because it was too tough. I have seen people quit football because of its demands.In conclusion, in our society men want to be the toughest individual , so when asked what is the manliest sport I chose football because it demands the toughest individuals to participate.