Promoting Positive Masculinity

Well, first off I would like to thank both Professor Corn and Datta for their time and efforts in the class. I appreciated having an environment where it was ok to hold different positions than other classmates or even professors.

How will I promote positive masculinity?

First off, I will follow through with the event that I will speak about in my presentation tomorrow.  The event will encourage men to live out their roles as men by serving and honoring the women of our campus. Hopefully, it will not merely be a one time thing for students but the men will leave with a greater understanding of what it means to be a man and a greater understanding of how to treat women.

I am especially burdened with a desire to contrast sexual violence with proper manhood. My hope is for men to see that sexual violence is a departure from what it means to be a man. Rather than serving and honoring women, sexual violence views women not as individuals to be cherished, but objects to be used. Treating women in this way is a fundamental departure from manhood.

I will also take advantage of the platform I have with the Bible study I teach to promote true masculinity. For me, that will mean faithfully teaching what is found in the Bible.

I look forward to seeing all of you around campus in the time remaining this year. See you tomorrow!