Stage III

End Game Draft

this was what I brought to class for the workshop day. Tori was eager to critique my paper,  and was equally as eager to use the pronoun “we” instead of “you” when referring to how “we” were going to cut down the paper.  Like I said in class one day…she will write her children’s college essays.

End Game Final

I don’t usually take selflies…but when I do…I take them to avoid doing any sort of work on my FYS papers.


(Left) more of less the outline of my paper excluding the introduction and conclusion

(Right) this thesis was spoken by me, but written by Tori. I was in my thinking spot… (see below)

^ my thinking spot and my new, lucky, badass, gold shorts courtesy of the deceased men’s soccer program


Three pictures are the outlines the basic “plots” of what happened in each respective circumstance.  The three examples all seem to follow the exact same flow, as well as support my thesis.



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