Council Day 5 Reflection–Arius

Might Emperor and My Fellow Council Members,

I look back with good favour upon the previous council session. Although the debates were heated, particularly that centred on the date on which the Resurrection of our Lord will be celebrated. I admit, I had not seen the Council as divided in opinion since those times when we were debating the Creed.

With this said, I am pleased that the majority vote went to celebrating the Resurrection on the first Sunday after the beginning of the Passover feast. Again, I assert that the symbolic significance of this date is too important to the foundation of our faith, too important to the symbolism of Jesus’ death, to be ignored and celebrated on any given Sunday. Christ is, indeed, the sacrificial Lamb of God, as proclaimed by John the Baptist. Just as the sacrificial lambs during Passover brought the Angel of Death upon the people, the sacrificial lamb that is Jesus brought salvation upon the people with His death. Jesus Himself chose to enter willingly into His Passion during the Passover feast, very well knowing the symbol that he was. Such an image cannot be ignored, nor should it be. And, my brothers, nor will it be, now that we have settled to celebrate the Resurrection on that first Sunday after the beginning of the feast.

I admit, on the topic of the celibacy of the clergy I was at first an indeterminate. After hearing out both positions of the argument, I think that it is only right for new clergymen to devote their entire bodies and souls to the Almighty God. However, I do approve of the compromise made that clergymen currently married may retain their holy positions. It would not do well for the unity of the Church to send so many men away, outside the walls of our faith.

I look forward to our next session.

Grace and Peace,