Reflection: Council Day 4

To my most honored Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow council members,

I am very pleased with the success of council day four! Thus far, we have made tremendous progress and in doing so, we attained unanimous support on all sides to pass the canon on the authority of Metropolitan Bishops and the role of future councils. I must express sincere gratitude that we have been able to compromise and agree on these internal issues of the church so that we may attain unity and continue to listen and spread the Lord’s message.

I believe that the Metropolitan Bishop should be the main authority in the church. As descendants of the Apostles, they are the best suited to resolve conflict in the church and ensure that church is unified in beliefs. The language in the canon establishes the authority of the Metropolitan Bishops over church doctrine and over traditional large provinces in order to prevent heresy and error in the church. Alongside, the canon establishes Metropolitan Bishops as the authority in ordaining new bishops. This specific langue in the canon is rather pleasing to myself. Because of this canon, I have regained control over Africa, like I once had before. In addition, the canon resolves my quarrel with Meletius. Meletius usurped the power given to me by my predecessor, Peter, and he began ordaining new bishops for his church and preached that he was the bishop of Alexandria. Through this canon, the rightful power is returned to myself and it ends the violent struggle and conflicts between competing groups. Apart from my personal interest in the matter, this canon meets Constantine’s only request for unity in the church as it prevents and discourages division and disagreement in the church.

I am also pleased with the outcome of the second canon regarding the role of future council. It is to my utmost pleasure that the canon was created and agreed upon without much debate. I do not see a need for future councils, as they should not have any authority to change church doctrine. I am also in support of Vito’s claim that the Pope of the church should be from Rome and do not have anything to say against it.

I am also rather pleased that the Bishop of Jerusalem was granted control over Palestine. I believe that the Bishop of Jerusalem is in a better position to control the land of Palestine and has more invested in the territory. Jerusalem is the birthplace of Christianity and is where our Lord and Savior ministered, lived, died, and rose.

Overall, I am pleased with the outcomes of the council. I look forward to more council days full of compromise and agreement.
Peace be upon you all.