Council Day 4 Reflection

Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow council members,

Though today resulted in the passing of two canons and may have a been a successful day at the council for the majority, I believe that today was a rather bad day for myself and my followers.

For starters, I did not have a strong opinion on the debate of Palestine. However, I took both sides into consideration and decided that it was better if I sided with Marcarious. Unfortunately, for my dear friend Eusebius of Caesar that meant a loss.

Secondly, I would like to say that I am very against the first canon. I voted for it during the council since I was clearly not going to win. I think it is absolutely unfair that certain bishops have authority over others. I believe that by having such hierarchy we create a disproportional  advantage to these bishops, while disregarding the other bishops voices. I believe that in order to have unity amongst the Christian community it is necessary to have more equality. That being said, I can agree with fellow members that proposed a checks and balances system. I believe that it is crucial for our followers to have faith that certain individuals will not have a larger say and thus create unjust decisions solely because they have such a title. Furthermore, I am completely against the last portion of the canon. I believe that it is not fair to have my followers and myself have to go through the process of getting ordained yet again, again because of the metropolitan bishops.

Furthermore, I do not really have a strong opinion on the second canon. I believe we discussed the situation well as a group and came up with the most appealing option.

Ultimately, I believe that I made tremendous sacrifices during the council on behalf of the Christian community and in the end I put aside my strong beliefs in order to create a more unified church. I hope the next few days I will receive more appreciation towards my beliefs and views.

Yours truly,

A very sad Meletius