Council Day 4 Reflection (Eusebius of Nicomedia)

Greetings Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and my fellow Council members,

Today’s council followed the signing of the Creed that took place on the third day of Council. Our first canon was passed today by the Council in regards to the power of the Metropolitan bishops. I must admit that there were many times when I felt confused as to what was going on. With the discussion of whether to move the center of Christianity back to Jerusalem or to keep it at Caesarea, I understood both positions, but I voted to move it back to Jerusalem, despite being an indeterminate, simply because I saw Jerusalem as the place of our Savior and felt it right to restore it there. As we discussed the first canon, I understood the position that Alexander made, but at times I lost sight of what the Canon was suppose to be about.

Knowing of Arius’ experience at the Council of  Antioch and how he was outnumbered by the Metropolitan bishops, it made me quite apprehensive to accept a canon that would have a hierarchy system. This meant giving the majority of the power to the Metropolitan bishops. When editing the canon, I commend Vito for making the suggestions that he did, although he was able to suggest them before I was able to. No matter as long as a consensus was reached. Even though Arius, Meletius, and myself tried as hard as we could to fight against the canon making Metropolitan bishops the primary authority of the Chuch, our votes were greatly outnumbered so eventually we folded and said “Yeh” to the canon. I am concerned that what happened at the Council of Antioch may happen again at future councils or with other theological discussions. If that is the case, then each member should defend his position, no matter how many votes may be against them. Defend your position until you cannot anymore!