Vito’s Council Reflection – Day 3

Most Gracious Constantine and Fellow Council Members,

In addition to March 24th being my name day, it is also a day that will go down in history as a turning point for Christianity. After some passionate debate between the Alexandrians and Arians, both sides were able to set aside their differences and agree on a creed that will be suitable for all Christians. While the language in the creed does not make it directly clear that Arian belief is heresy, it is does describe Jesus Christ as co-equal and co-eternal without using those specific words. I think we have established a good creed that will not cause the Church any problems in the years to come. Now that we have settled the most important issues, it is time to move onto areas that may directly affect out lives in the near future.

Our next topic of discussion, that is the status of Metropolitan Bishops, is extremely important to the unification of Christianity. Just as the Roman Empire prospers under a hierarchal rule, so will Christianity. When minor Bishops are given more power, it will be hard to maintain the agreements made at this council. Bishops all over the empire will assert their own authority and own interpretations that may cause disagreements and disunity within the Church. Rather, a smaller number of powerful Bishops will be able to maintain a consistent Church and religion that is uniformly practiced across the empire. If our goal after this council is to spread the Word of God across all of the Earth, then we should take a lesson from Constantine and his vastly expanding empire. Hierarchy is key to success.