Reflection: Council Day 3

To my most honored Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow council members

I am pleased that the council was able to meet Emperor Constantine’s request for unity in the church.  We were able to agree on a creed that was reflective of all views.  There is neither a winner nor a loser when it comes to reading the creed as a whole as it is a compromise between Arian and Alexandrian beliefs.

However, I must express disappointment in the creed that was agreed upon.  It is my belief that the creed is counterproductive to the call of the council.  The purpose of the council was to define the nature and relationship between God and Jesus Christ.  However, we failed to achieve this goal with such vague language, which leaves things open to interpretation and more disagreements.  As an Alexandrian, I believe that we need more precise language that defines the nature of Jesus Christ as co-equal, co-eternal, and co-existent with God.  In other terms, I would prefer the creed to say that God and Jesus are of the same substance, or homoousis.  Throughout the council, myself, along with fellow Alexandrians, have made substantial arguments with numerous sources of evidence that support this claim without contradictions.  I am also displeased that we were unable to explicitly state the consequences for the individuals who disagree with the statements in the creed.  We need to have defined rules as to what happens to those individuals who disagree with the beliefs of the catholic church to prevent future problems arising in the church.

Oh wise Emperor Constantine, I plead you to reconsider a creed that will truly unify the church members and the beliefs of Jesus Christ.  The path to unity is paved by explicitly stating the true nature of our Lord.  For if we accept any heresy in our creed, then we are not following through God’s plan for us.

Peace be upon you all.