Council Day 3 Reflection – Marcarius

Dear Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow council members,

I am beyond belated to say that Council Day 3 was extremely successful day in which a creed was established in agreement by both the Arians and the Alexandrians! I am proud of the way the council went as both sides sought compromise the entire time even though they had differences in beliefs. I believe that every day thus far has brought us a step closer to creating a strong unified Church. I believe that if we keep moving forward in the same manner as the previous council days, we will be able to achieve our goal quickly and peacefully.

As it is apparent, neither Alexandrians nor the Arians were able to have the exact type of language they desired in the creed because if they did, one of the groups would be excluded which goes against the goal of our council meetings to establish a unified Church. The language terms are general yet supportive of the general Christian view so that neither group feels excluded but at the same time the general beliefs of Christianity are established. Although there seems to be more of the Alexandrian terms in the creed, I believe that there are also some vital Arian-favored terms in the creed which allow both parties to be in agreement.

I am overall extremely happy with the creed, for unity is my biggest concern. I do not find anything displeasing with the creed even though more Alexandrian terms would always be more pleasing. However, I understand that that cannot be done without excluding the Arians from the Church which I would never want to happen. I am certain that God wants us all to be united in one in worshipping Him without bickering over petty arguments since in reality no one really knows what God is actually like. I am glad that the language terms are general enough for both sides to interpret it the way they believe is true. Now that the creed is over with, I am extremely concerned with the passing of the canons. I can only hope and pray that the council continues to move forward in the same compromising and peaceful manner.

I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming council days!