Council Day 3 Reflection–Arius

Most Holy Emperor and My Fellow Christian Brothers,

At long last,  a creed upon which we were all able to agree upon has been passed. I am as aware as anyone else in the Council of the hardships and heavy debates that had to be conquered before our agreement, but what a monumental agreement it was for our Christian faith.

If I speak in utter truth, then I will say that ideally I would have liked a Creed explicitly stating the beliefs of myself and of my faction. If I regard those terms, then our decision marks a failure to me. But such a goal, I knew, was unrealistic in the broader and more important goal of unity in the Church, and thus I can say with confidence that the Creed we have accepted can be considered a victory, for my own faction and for that of the Alexandrians. I am glad we were able to agree upon language that, although vague, can foster toward any Christian. Our most gracious Emperor called us together in order that we might find common ground upon our beliefs, and I think the Creed agreed upon can work toward that unity. It is neither explicitly Arian nor explicitly Alexandrian. Rather, I think either side can view it with a kind eye in regards to their beliefs; it is a Creed that upon which we can all give approval toward, without forcing our beliefs upon the other.

It very much pleased me to see a unanimous vote. I suspected that after the calamity in Antioch, myself and my faction would see no success in this Council. But my fellow Christian brothers proved me wrong in the unanimous decision. Is everyone completely satisfied with the Creed at hand? Nay. But can we all look to it with approval, knowing that it can tend toward each of our beliefs in the way that we might interpret it? Yes. That, for me, is victory enough.

Grace and Peace,