Council Day 3 Reflection

Righteous Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow members of the council:

I am extremely thrilled with the outcome of the third day of the council. It brings be great delight to know that we unanimously agreed on one, final Creed. Though yes the Creed does not favor one side completely, that was the only way we would have had an outcome like this. It is important to remember that unity was our main goal — and we are heading in the right direction.

I personally do not have a strong stance on either the Alexandrian nor the Arian side. However, I do believe that how the Creed is written, though some consider vague, appeals to both sides. I do believe that the Holy Spirit section was our easiest section thus far. The language we used also was not extremely siding with one side and not the other. For example, in the first line when we say “proceed from the Almighty and the Son.” We continue to use the gender neutral term the Almighty but also the term proceeds is fairly neutral in my opinion to both sides.

Ultimately, I believe that each side won its battle. Unity was the goal and the Creed was the path to achieving that goal. This Creed leaves room for some interpretation and in this case I believe that is important. The trinity is a truly complex matter and we have cleared some of the complexities up in this Creed, but again some things are simply too much for us humans to comprehend.

I have strong faith in this council and its abilities. We have a couple long days ahead of us, but I believe that if we are as considerate as we have been these past few days we will be able to obtain many of our goals, while keeping unity in mind.

Yours truly,