Reflection on Council Day 3

Emperor Constantine and fellow Bishops,

I am beyond thrilled that we were able to unanimously pass the Creed! I believe that everyone listened to God’s will and the truth prevailed. I recognize that we are still far from resolving all internal conflict in the Christian world but I believe that this was a great step in the right direction. There is still much work to be done but I am confident that we can achieve our ultimate goal of unity.

In terms of winning and losing, I believe that neither side is the clear winner or loser when the Creed is read as a whole. It is the image of compromise because the language reflects the beliefs of both Arians and Alexandrians.  I think that the Creed melds the two belief systems in a balanced way so that the two factions can be brought together into a unified church. However, if I were to nitpick, I would have liked to have more specific language on the nature of Jesus Christ. As an Alexandrian, I believe that this part of the Creed should specify that Jesus Christ is co-eternal and co-equal, or homoousis, with God. But I am aware that this would alienate the Arians and eradicate all hope for a unified church, which was the main purpose of this council. I am willing to sacrifice specifying language for the unanimity we achieved on the third day of the council in order to maintain the good standing of the faith with the emperor and with God.

I am incredibly grateful for the work everyone has put in so far to reach consensus and look forward to the coming council days.

Blessed be,