Reflection: Council Day 2

To my most honored Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow council members,

I would like to commend all council members on the stellar work that we witnessed during the second day of the council meeting.  Emperor Constantine’s call for the council meeting was to work out insignificant differences in the church and come to a mutually agreed upon decision in order to unify the church.  I believe that today was a perfect example of the council members working together and compromising to unify the church. I am overjoyed that we will be discussing the role of Metropolitan Bishops on the fourth day of the council. It is my belief that maintaining a unified and cohesive church can be accomplished by creating a hierarchical structure within the church—so that the Metropolitan Bishops may work to prevent future arguments and disagreements.

While we have not completed the creed on the nature of Jesus Christ, I must say that I am in agreement with what we have so far, except for the phrase, “God made Jesus exist at God’s own will.” I have a few problems with this statement.  It implies that Jesus is a creature (made), thus diminishes his divinity to that of other created beings, and does not glorify him as a Divine being. We know that Jesus Christ is a Divine being, co-equal, and co-eternal to God—as scripture provides us with evidence that the Father and Son are indivisible from one another. It is heretical to make such a statement that implies the Son to be inferior to the Father. This type of distinction implies that there are two divine beings of unequal divinity, which to me sounds like polytheism. We cannot accept polytheism in our church, but can accept that the Father and the Son are co-equal and co-eternal because they are of the same divine power and of the same substance. To try and comprehend the Godhead is beyond the logic of human beings and is only understandable by the Divine. I would prefer the statement to say “existing with God for eternity” because Jesus and God are of the same Divine power.

While I am not opposed to taking the current phrase in the creed out completely, I believe that this phrase is a large part of why the council has been convened. I believe that it is our duty as Godly men to come to a clarification about the relationship between the Father and the Son and to explicitly put it in writing as to prevent future disagreements in the church.

Again, I would like to express extreme gratitude towards my fellow council members in their active participation, cooperation, and all of the compromises they have made in order to unify the church and focus on serving the Lord. I look forward to future council days that are as productive as today and that can strengthen our brotherly bond and faith in God.

Peace be upon you all.