Day 2 Reflection

Honorable Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and fellow council members,

I speak to you today with a joyous heart. I am so very pleased with our discussion about the nature of Jesus and the creedal statement as well. I commend Ossius for his wonderful rule change to include hand raising. I think it significantly ordered the council in a way that allowed respect and effective conversation to ensue. We each asserted out opinions boldly yet graciously and I really felt the Holy Spirit working throughout each and every one of us.

Focusing in on the creedal statement we discussed, I think that we were very productive. I was proud of the way we worked to compromise and on account of the empire and our faith, this will provide unity that we all so hold dear to our hearts. Some statements in the creed were taken out from what Arius originally proposed, but I think some of his arguments were still able to be upheld despite the subtracting of language.

The phrase about God’s will and Jesus’ existence is something I am indifferent towards. I that is something that the Alexandrians are vigilant on taking out I think I would be willing to negate it from the statement. I will continue to take the high road and focus on compromise rather than malice towards specific aspects. This is incredibly important to me.

I look forward to what is ahead. My dearest hope as well is to continue within the Holy Scriptures. I value the Word of God to be of high authority in our lives. We must keep that in mind in our discussion. I wish everyone my pleasantries!

In grace,

Eusebius of Caesarea