Council Day 2 Reflection–Arius

Most Holy Emperor,

I look back to our second council session with a lukewarm heart. I am joyous in the fact that the Council was in agreement on our statement of belief on Christ. After the first session, I was unsure as to how the Council would continue to progress; on the first day, the debates were fiery and the exchanges were fierce, yet the second session was able to remind me that we all can, as Christians, find a common ground in our beliefs. Although it pained me to see so much of what I had initially proposed in my statement of belief torn away from what might be the final draft, I must say that I was glad at least some sort of compromise could be reached in what we have written thus-far.

I foresee, however, much debate on the current topic upon which the Council will resume tomorrow: the phrase “God made Jesus exist at God’s own will”. Of course, this is something I would rather see the Council keep as a part of the Creed. I think it can foster to the Alexandrians as well as it fosters to myself and my faction. For, is God not the author of all things? In the sense of God’s all-powerful, ever-existent love and creative power, I think we can agree upon this statement. I concede that the current wording might be controversial to the Alexandrians in one or two ways, but I am sure—and I have high hopes that we might do so—we can reach a conclusion upon that phrase that which can appeal to both factions as well as maintain the integrity of the original diction.

The entirety of the Creed, I believe, holds fast to our collective views on Christ. I was particularly pleased with how the last section was left intact; nothing should be taken away from the mission that which Christ completed in His time with us on earth.

If compromise is what we all seek, though, then I feel compromise is not very far away. The Alexandrians have been gracious to me to an extent in the wording that remains in the Creed, and I feel as if I have been equally, if not more, gracious in conceding to their demands in the removal of what they have chosen to eliminate. Although there is debate left to be had, I feel as if we may be close to finding a Creed upon which we can all unite as one Christian body under God. I seek unity in the Church just as much as anyone else might, my gracious Emperor.

Your Ever-Loyal Subject,