Day 1 Reflection

Great Emperor Constantine, Ossius, and other noble council members, I have found it a great pleasure to be able to discuss our faith in the this manner. It has been an honor serving on this council so far. So far, I have been astounded by the knowledge and wisdom our collective group possesses.

The beginning of our discussion focused on the creed I proposed, and more specifically, the beginning of it. I felt that when I went up there, I was confident that people would be in more agreement. However, I found that we did not come together as I would have liked. Theclus seems to be inserting a belief and feeling that brought much contradiction. The call to take out “Father” from the creed was deeply troubling. As someone who prides himself on great understanding of scripture, I did not agree. As my Arian allies agree with as well: Jesus refers to God as Father constantly. Unity would easily be reached if we chose to have just stuck to having it in the creed. What I was confused and frustrated about was Vito, Alexander, and Marcarius’ indifference and then certain support of Theclus’ position. I don’t understand where some of my fellow council members motivations lay. I would like to focus on this to a greater extent in the coming council days. We should delve into the heart of each other’s motivations and beliefs. I think that we are called as followers of God’s Holy Word to do so and we will reach unity for both this empire and the Kingdom of God.