Day 1 Reflection

Dearest Constantine, I am pleased with the how the first day of the council went, and in regards to the actual creed voted on, I would say that in general I am happy with how it turned out. Individuals in the council fought passionately for what they believed important. Despite not being able to please every single individual for every single issue, I believe that the most important thing that happened was being able to agree at end. Compromises were made showing strength. I personally did not have a strong view on the creed to begin with, but I do believe that what we created on the first day was fair. It was not too broad, leaving too much room for interpretation, but also was not too specific. The removal of “The Father,” seemed to be one of our bigger issues. This is the one portion I had to compromise on. I believe that we should follow the word of Christ himself. In his scripture’s, Christ refers to God as “The Father.” I believe it is then our duty to do likewise. If there was anything I would change in the Creed it would be the addition of “The Father.”