Council Day 1 Reflection–Arius

My Brothers in Christ,

Albeit through some hardships, I gladly sit in reflection over our first session of this council, so honourably and graciously called by our most holy Emperor, knowing that we were able to reach some sort of compromise on what we believe God to be. I cannot emphasise enough how great my desire is to see us all as a united body in our Christian faith; reaching a compromise was a fair result for the first day.

Was this without strife, however? Nay. Without rude interruptions, without harsh and pointed words? I fear not. Normally, I would be glad to see this as an interpretation in which I could consider us all so fervent and passionate in our respective Christian faiths. But, in light of the grave events of the Council of Antioch–in which I was unjustly ruled against and unfairly outnumbered and attacked–I would pray with every fibre of my being that this council will not share a similar path. After all, what true fault can there be in the inclusion of such words in our Creed that could only praise and glorify our God, alone everlasting and alone in his power?

Was I not at fault for having bite in my words and expression? Nay, I am as guilty as any other would be, and I accordingly apologise. For that and for drowning out the voices of my friends–I let the debate take control over me and I will do better in the future to make sure that my voice is not the only one penetrating the silence of our thoughts, or the havoc of our exchanges.

I think I would be justified in saying, however, that I am as much an advocate of unity in the Church as any other figure in the council chamber. I would hope that, down the line, my friends and I would be treated as brothers trying to reach a common goal, and not as enemies seeking to tear down the true wonder of the world that is our most beautiful Church.

Until tomorrow,