Council Day 1 Reflection

With regards to the creedal statement referring to the nature of God that we discussed and passed on Day 1, I would like to pass along my deepest thanks to the entire council for coming together and working hard. Although not all of us were satisfied, it is important to remember that what we write here today forms the church’s future. And of that future, I can say that I am extremely pleased that we achieved a great feat by passing this creed. I am in agreement with the creed because of the lack of gender that we assigned to God. I am completely in agreement that God was not necessarily of a single gender, and by assigning one, we are narrowing the scope of God’s greatest feature, to be able to be everything. I am happy that the council has looked from a point of view of inclusivity in this respect and I hope that we can continue to aim to include all Christians in our thoughts as we pass the remainder of this creed and aim to unite our holy empire once and for all under his most reverent emperor, Constantine.